Andrew Haslett

Serena Corr

University of Glasgow

Serena obtained her BA (2002) and PhD (2007) in Chemistry from Trinity College Dublin. She completed her PhD work on magnetic nanostructured materials with Professor Yurii Gun’ko, where she developed new magnetic materials for biomedical applications. In 2007, she began working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Materials Research Laboratory with Professor Ram Seshadri at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After a lectureship at the University of Kent, Serena joined the School of Chemistry at the University of Glagsow as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry in January 2013.  Her research aims at uncovering the fundamental structure–property relationships which underpin functionality in nanostructured materials, particularly to realise their application in energy storage devices. A major focus has been the in situ study of materials (using average structure and local structure techniques) in order to understand the mechanisms which govern behaviour in Li-ion battery electrodes.  She has authored >30 publications, including 5 book chapters. She currently leads a SUPERGEN funded energy storage challenge grant to develop high-throughput microwave routes to nanostructured electrode and solid electrolyte materials and she is also PI for a project funded by the Leverhulme trust on smart multifunctional nanocomposites for artefact conservation.