Keith Pullen

Prof. Keith Pullen

City University London

Keith Pullen is a Professor of Energy Systems at City University and conducts research into high speed and low carbon small scale energy technologies. He started at Rolls-Royce 1983 and was chosen by the Director of Design and Technology, J Coplin to research microturbines in 1987 at Imperial College as a Rolls-Royce employee.

Following two years at Noble Denton (offshore oil and gas), he returned to Imperial College as an academic and assisted Prof Colin Besant in the creation of what became the TurboGenset Company, share sales in which yielded Imperial £15M. He moved to City University in 2008 and now manages a team of 8 researchers. The recent breakthrough in low cost flywheel technology has been supported by Nissan, Tata Steel and Dynamic Boosting Systems and now is to be applied in ground based energy storage at a time of great need.

His research over his career has led to 27 patent families and co-foundation of three spin out companies. He has over 140 publications relating to high speed machines and their applications and has supervised 22 PhD student completions with 5 in progress.

He was recently employed as consultant to Mercedes HPP for their 2014 energy recovery systems and is Director of R & D, Dynamic Boosting Systems. He has also acted as a consultant to Red Bull Racing F1 (Electric turbocharging and flywheels), Edwards (Turbomolecular pumps), BP (Microturbines), PepsiCo (Heat pump energy recovery), Chief of Design at TurboGenset (Microturbines), HiFlux (heat exchangers). He currently manages £800k of research grants in this areas relevant to energy systems in addition to PhDs.