Ian Whyte

Dr. Ian Whyte

Watt hour Energy Storage Technology (WhEST)

Ian is currently Director of WhEST, a battery based Energy Storage Company focusing on contract R&D and collaboration in flow battery development, flow battery stack and system design and engineering and independent battery testing services. As owner of Potential Reactions Limited he also provides technology battery consultancy, directorial support and flow battery technology due diligence to UK and international battery technology development companies. Previously Ian spent over 10 years developing the Regenesys ® redox flow electrochemical energy storage technology as part of National Power taking the patented technology from laboratory through pilot plant to MW commercial demonstrator scale. He has over 25 years’ experience in flow battery technology development and scale-up incorporating electrochemistry, materials, membranes, polymer engineering and fuel cells with co-ordination of research facilities and universities both internationally and in the UK. He has held a number of technology and operational management positions and has a broad knowledge of electrochemical engineering, operations and maintenance and project management.

Ian has a PhD in Electrochemical Engineering from the University of Southampton.