Gareth Brett

Dr. Gareth Brett

Highview Power Storage

Gareth has worked with Highview since summer 2006 and became CEO in December 2008. Gareth oversaw the build and testing of the pilot plant that ran from 2011 – 2014 and the Company securing more than £8 million in funding from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) for the new 5MW LAES technology demonstrator, currently under construction at Viridor’s landfill gas facility in Greater Manchester.

An electrical engineering graduate from Bristol University, Gareth began his career with Southern Electric in 1977, becoming Projects Director for its generation subsidiary (SEPG) where he was responsible for development, financing and commercial arrangements on three major UK independent power projects. He subsequently was Joint Head of the Utilities Team at Barclays Capital, where he was involved in financing many Electricity and Power projects; Vice President, Edison Mission Energy (EME) European Region, and President of Entergy Asset Management (US based). Prior to joining Highview full-time as CEO, Gareth was, in 2008, also Head of New Nuclear Build for British Energy.

A veteran of the Independent Power Sector, he has been involved in the development and successful execution of many IPP’s in UK, Europe and the States from the perspective of owner, financier, operator and customer. These include a wide range of technologies from gas fired CCGTs, thermal coal plants, open cycle gas turbines, diesels, wind turbines and hydro plant (run of river and pumped storage, including Dinorwig).