Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce, FRS, FRSE:

Oxford Materials Group, University of Oxford

Professor Peter Bruce holds the Wolfson Chair at the University of Oxford, having recently joined the Oxford Materials group from the Edinburgh and St Andrews Research School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews. He is also the Director of the new SUPERGEN Energy Storage Consortium. His primary research interests include solid state chemistry and electrochemistry, particularly the fundamental science of solid state ionics, encompassing ionically conducting solids such as ceramic and polymeric materials and intercalation compounds. He has been highly active in research on lithium batteries for more than 20 years. He is the Principal Investigator for the EPSRC Nanoionics Program Grant and Energy Storage Transport Grand Challenge. He has developed, patented and licensed Li-Mn-O cathode materials, demonstrated that nanostructured electrodes can outperform bulk and nanoparticulate materials, discovered ionic conductivity in crystalline polymers and more recently investigated the rechargeable lithium-air battery. He currently has an interest in the synthesis of new materials with new properties or combinations of properties, in understanding these properties and in exploring their applications in new devices, especially energy storage devices such as rechargeable lithium batteries. He has published over 275 papers and received awards from the Royal, Electrochemical and German Chemical Societies.

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