UKES2015 - UK Energy Storage Conference 2015

Bringing together the energy storage research community, inspiring future collaborations.

Elgar Concert Hall and Great Hall, Edgbaston Campus, University of Birmingham


Posters and talks are now available to download

About UKES2015

The Energy Storage Research Network (ESRN), the Energy SUPERSTORE and the STFC Network in Battery Science and Technology, all funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), are hosting the second UK Energy Storage Research Conference (UKES2015), providing an inclusive platform for all researchers in Energy Storage to present their work through talks and poster sessions. In line with the ethos of the Energy SUPERSTORE, the conference endeavours to bring together researchers from academia, industry and policy and across the whole field of energy storage, inspiring collaborations for future research

Please contact Dr. Jacqueline Edge at if you have any questions.


Who Should Attend?

The conference is aimed at PhD students, early career, and senior researchers in Industry, Academia, Research Institutes and Government, in the UK and internationally.

Plenary Speakers

  • Andrew Haslett, Energy Technologies Institute (EIT)

    “The role of energy storage in current and emerging energy systems.”
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  • Prof. Yulong Ding, University of Birmingham

    “Thermal energy storage: from materials to system integration - a challenge across tens of orders of magnitude.”

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Keynote Speakers


  • Prof. George Crabtree, Energy Storage at the Threshold - Download
  • Dr. Jill Cainey, Electricity Storage -are we there yet?! - Download
  • Prof. Michael Pollitt, Business Models for Energy Storage - Download
  • Amish Poonyth, Storage Value in GB: Single vs Multiple Revenue Streams - Download
  • Daniel Friedrich, Simulation framework and case study for the design and optimisation of a combined renewable electricity and heating system with battery and thermal energy storage - Download
  • Jorg Roth, The Swiss Competence Centre for Heat and Electricity Storage - Download
  • Teng Zhang, Modelling the voltage-drop mechanisms in Li-S cells - Download
  • Christos Markides, High-Efficiency Reciprocating Compressors and Expanders - Download
  • Prof. Seamus Garvey, Generation-Integrated Energy Storage - Download
  • Dr. Shane Beattie, Running a Battery Lab with Low Cost Raspberry Pi’s - Download
  • Wasim Sarwar, Electro-thermal Modelling of Supercapacitors for Automotive Applications - Download
  • Anthony Rennie, Ionic Liquid-Based Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors - Download
  • Ian Johnson, Combinatorial evaluation of doped olivine materials for Li-ion batteries - Download
  • Stephen Clegg, Utilising the Gas Network Infrastructure as a Means of Energy Storage - Download
  • John Barton, High-Temporal-Resolution Analysis of UK Power System Used to Determine the Optimal Amount and Mix of Energy Storage Technologies - Download
  • Daniel Mahon, Paul Henshall & Philip Eames, MgSO4 + Zeolite based composite thermo-chemical energy stores (TCES) integrated with vacuum flat plate solar thermal collectors (VFPC) for seasonal thermal energy storage - Download

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Imperial College London
    Nigel Brandon (Chair)

    Vladimir Yufit
    Gregory Offer
  • University of Warwick
    Paul Jennings
    Jihong Wang
  • University of Birmingham
    Yulong Ding
    Jonathan Radcliffe
  • University of Cambridge
    Clare Grey
  • Oxford University
    Patrick Grant
    Peter Bruce
  • University of Southampton
    Andrew Cruden
  • University of Bath
    Saiful Islam

Session Themes

  • Lithium and sodium batteries
  • Thermal storage
  • Flow batteries
  • Power to Gas
  • Flywheels and Supercapacitors
  • Mechanical energy storage
  • Battery management and control
  • Grid scale energy storage
  • Energy storage for transport

Laboratory tours

Delegates will be able to sign up at the UKES2015 registration desk for free tours of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)Energy Innovation Centre or the University of Birmingham laboratories. The lab tours will start after the lunch buffet on the final day of the conference, Friday the 27th November. Delegates attending the WMG laboratory tour will be transported by coach to the University of Warwick. Places are limited for these tours, so please remember to put your name on the list when you arrive at the registration desk for UKES2015

University of Birmingham

After the UKES2015 lunch buffet on the final day of the conference, delegates who have signed up for the tours will be shown around the cryogenic and thermal energy storage facilities.

The Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage will comprise a suite of state-of-the-art laboratory spaces across the University of Birmingham led by Professor Yulong Ding. The Centre offers facilities which will take energy storage research through to grid-connected testing. It has been enabled by a £6m capital grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and industrial and institutional contributions, with the laboratories due for completion in August 2015. The tour will include:

  • Completely refurbished laboratory space in Chemical Engineering which will focus on research into thermal energy storage materials and processes, with small-scale manufacturing capability;
  • New test-cells in Mechanical Engineering for liquid air piston engine development;
  • An upgraded Smart Grid lab which will allow for the real-time simulation of energy storage technologies on local and national electricity networks;
  • New equipment in Metallurgy and Materials to provide characterisation and testing facilities for new energy storage materials.

The 350kW/3MWh cryogenic energy storage pilot plant will be sited next to the Chemical Engineering labs, with the space currently being prepared, to receive the equipment from the Highview site in Slough by March 2015.

University of Warwick: WMG Energy Innovation Centre

The WMG tours are now fully subscribed

The WMG Energy Innovation Centre comprises a battery materials pilot line, battery characterisation laboratory plus abuse testing chambers and an electric/hybrid drives test facility. Our combined facilities provide a one-stop-shop for the development of new battery chemistries from concept to fully proven traction batteries, produced in sufficient quantities for detailed industrial evaluation in target applications. Collaborators include suppliers of novel battery materials and users of rechargeable batteries in diverse industrial applications including electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems. We maintain commercial confidentiality between our many partners and collaborators.

We are pursuing collaborative projects in the UK and across the EU including Horizon 2020. Our research activities cover the full cycle of development, characterisation and verification of battery and drive solutions.

After the UKES2015 lunch buffet on the final day of the conference, delegates who have signed up for the tours will be transported by coach to the University of Warwick. There they will be assembled into smaller tour groups and shown the following facilities:

  • Vehicle Energy Facility
    The Vehicle Energy Facility is a hybrid powertrain research facility which provides testing capabilities for testing and characterisation of hybrid powertrains, components and control systems. The facility includes; large and small dynamometers, battery simulator and cycler, emissions measurement equipment, thermal chamber with dynamometer and simulation platforms for mock-up and virtual testing.
  • Battery testing and characterisation facilities
    The battery testing and characterisation facilities enable our research team to undertake a programme of tests on commercially available batteries from cell to pack level. The tests provide critical real-world data such as performance, reliability and ageing effects to determine the right selection for a given application. The facility includes; battery cyclers, abuse testing chambers, vibration test chamber, temperature control storage chambers, hydraulic crash rig, thermal imaging cameras, electrical impedance spectroscopy and AC ripple test system.
  • Battery scale-up Laboratory
    The facilities currently contain equipment for the manufacture of lithium ion pouch cells up to A5 size. Our research team can help with electrode formulation, electrode design, cell making and testing, to produce prototype cells that are much more representative of production cells. The facility includes mixing and coating equipment, cell making equipment in a dry room and supporting analytical equipment.


UKES2015 will be held on the Edgbaston campus of the University of Birmingham, indicated by the green 'V' on the map below - click on this symbol for a map of the campus and more information. The sessions will be held in the following two halls at the University:

Elgar Concert Hall
Bramall Music Building

University of Birmingham
West Midlands
B15 2TT

The Great Hall
Aston Webb Building

University of Birmingham
West Midlands
B15 2TT

Registration for the conference starts at 12:00 pm on Wednesday the 25th November, in the foyer of the Bramall Music Building. Lunch will be served from 12:00 pm in the Great Hall, in the adjoining building. The conference sessions are to be held in the Elgar Concert Hall and the Great Hall. There will be signposts to guide you between venues.


For on-site accommodation, please go to Please note that the conference is on during term time, therefore on-site accommodation will be limited.

However, for accommodation by the University you can look at:

University of Birmingham is only two stations away from the centre of Birmingham and there are many hotels to choose from. Some suggested ones are:

Elgar Concert Hall and Great Hall, Edgbaston Campus, University of Birmingham

Elgar Concert Hall and Great Hall, Edgbaston Campus, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, United Kingdom

UKES2015 - UK Energy Storage Conference 2015 map

The Edgbaston campus map shown can also be downloaded here for printing.

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Nature Energy

Launching in 2016, Nature Energy will be dedicated to exploring all aspects of the on-going discussion of energy provision; from the generation and storage of energy, to its distribution and management, the needs and demands of the different actors, and the impacts that energy technologies and policies have on societies.

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Electricity Storage Network

The Electricity Storage Network is an industry group for companies and organisations that are active in the deployment, design, consumption and research of electricity storage for network connected applications. Electricity storage projects in all categories are of interest, including compressed air, batteries, liquid air, pumped hydro and future technologies. The Electricity Storage Network successfully connects research, market and government with regular meetings, discussions and conferences.

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Driven by our purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL is dedicated to helping its customers in the maritime, oil & gas, energy and other industries to make the world safer, smarter and greener. Within the Energy arena, DNV GL offers global expertise in energy storage and is active across the entire value chain. Our team of analysts conducts research and development on existing and emerging storage technologies and our consultants can advise you on the most appropriate technology for a given application. DNV GL is also globally renowned when it comes to the testing and demonstration of storage technologies, as evidenced by our dedicated state of the art electricity storage labs in Europe and the U.S. DNV GL has worked on a range of consultancy projects ranging from: market and regulatory framework design, technical due diligence, testing and certification and techno-economic feasibility. We work with storage manufacturers, regulators, renewable energy developers, Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Utilities across the globe.

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Battery Testing Equipment For Battery Research

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MACCOR is a supplier of test equipment for batteries and energy storage devices since 1986. They have sold equipment to a high percentage of the leading manufacturing and research organizations worldwide, including well over half of the startup battery companies formed in the last twenty years.

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The International Flow Battery Forum is an annual conference that brings together all those interested in research, development, commercialisation and deployment of flow batteries. In June 2016, the conference will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany

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The Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research Heat & Electricity Storage

Producing solutions for the energy turnaround by developing the Swiss Energy Storage Community, bringing together researchers from the academic, industrial and policy domains. SCCER Storage is supported by funding from the Swiss Government.

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C-Tech Innovation

C-Tech Innovation is one of the UK’s most successful research, technology and innovation organisations. With clients across the globe in multiple sectors, we are focused on delivering turnkey solutions for clients' specific needs. Our C-Flow range of laboratory test cells can be used in the development of a range of technologies and applications, including electrolysis, redox flow batteries, fuel cells, electrodialysis, general electrosynthesis and waste treatment. At larger scales C-Tech Innovation can provide pilot and industrial-capacity plant utilising our design and modelling expertise as well as outstanding in-house engineering and build capabilities.

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Our purpose is to provide research and development instrumentation to stimulate the scientific research for the electrochemistry & biochemistry. We are the distribution company for Windsor Scientific Ltd, and all the experience and knowledge generated through Windsor Scientific is channelled through ec-lab and managed by Dr. Keith Dawes.

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NETZSCH Instruments are the leading supplier of systems for Thermal Analysis and Thermophysical Properties testing of a wide variety of materials.Our range of Thermal Analysis Instruments include Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) which measures enthalpy changes as a function of temperature, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TG) which measures mass change and Dilatometry which measures dimensional changes and transitions. Combinations of DSC and TG are available (STA) which allow the two techniques to run simultaneously on the same sample. STA and TG units can be coupled to Mass-Spectrometer systems to identify evolved gases. To complement this range we also offer thermo-physical properties techniques including Laser Flash for thermal diffusivity from which thermal conductivity can be calculated. One of the latest additions to our product portfolio is our range of adiabatic calorimeters which are predominantly used in the field of battery testing.

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WMG at the University of Warwick works collaboratively with business to incorporate cutting-edge research into commercially successful products and services. The WMG centre of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult is focused on the global challenge of Low Carbon Mobility within the specific research themes of Lightweight Technologies, Energy Storage and Management, Electric Machines and Power Electronics and Intelligent Transport Systems. Our Energy Innovation Centre includes an open access, Battery Materials Pilot Line, which provides a one-stop-shop for the development of new battery chemistries from concept to fully proven traction batteries. There is also a battery characterisation laboratory plus abuse testing chambers, and an electric/hybrid drives testing facility.

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Here at Denchi Power Ltd (formerly ABSL Power Solutions Ltd) we are proud to be a leading supplier of batteries and chargers to the global defence industry. We have over 15 years heritage in supplying products for military radios, vision systems, manned military vehicles, unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAVs), unmanned under-water vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). Although defence is our core market we also produce batteries for other markets including security, oil and gas and medical where the capability to design to stringent specifications and produce highly reliable and highly robust products is critically important. We have a range of standard products but much of our business is focused on designing products for specific applications.

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Thermal Hazard Technology

Thermal Hazard Technology, a world leader in battery calorimetry and heat measurement, has a product range to meet the evolving requirements of the EV lithium battery market. As well as the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC) for battery components and small cell testing, latest products include:

  • EV+ Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (EV+ ARC) for worst case abuse testing of EV lithium battery cells.
  • Battery Performance Calorimeter (BPC) for thermal management efficiency and life-cycle studies suitable for cell, module and small pack testing. Sub zero (-30°C to +120°C Isothermal and adiabatic operation).
  • Isothermal Battery Calorimeter (IBC) for accurate heat generation measurement and heat capacity of lithium batteries ranging from coin cell to large prismatic.

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